Degassing Valve

Degassing Valve – For Packaging freshly roasted Coffee to remain fresh

Degassing Valve

Today, coffee is no longer a clichéd term and not just a drink in office vending machines only. Nowadays, coffee has become a drink, which is relished and suddenly there is a burgeoning in the number of coffee drinkers worldwide. We have coffee from all the major producers at the click of a button now. Therefore, coffee packaging is now a serious business suddenly. Since the coffee beans have to be roasted and packed, traditionally it would take a long time to pack. This is because the coffee would give out a large quantity of carbon dioxide. However, leaving coffee out in the open for carbon dioxide to escape would take a long time. Hence, we at Foil Packaging have devised unique and extremely smart looking coffee valve or the generally known one way valve.


An Introduction:

Degassing ValveA walk in to our company, Foil Packaging will unravel before you the expansive gallery of products like flexible pouches and zippered bags for each product in dissimilar colors and degassing valves for coffee packaging. We came into being in the eventful year 1980 and since then, we have not looked back. We have grown from strength to strength. We have been working with our clients from different industries and we know the requirements and current fad, which our end users have. Therefore, we have brought a unique line of packaging valve for packaging coffee in our flexible or plastic packaging.


Little More to know about our Products:

Degassing ValveCoffee drinkers all over the world are stickler to flavor and the rich strong flavor it emits. This is what sets coffee apart and coffee grown anywhere has its own flavor to match. To ensure that this strong aroma of coffee stays in the bag until the end user consumes the full bag, we design seamless bags so that there is no leakage. The bags are made with multiple layered walls to prevent infiltration of oxygen, which may cause havoc if it mixes with carbon dioxide in the bag of coffee. That is where our aroma locking degassing valve comes into prominence.

Degassing ValveThese valves are made of finest material of nylon and are food safe, a concern from all the major coffee producers. These valves and the equipments used to fit the packaging valve are excellent. These valves also release moisture from the bags so that your coffee remains fresh and just with that tang for a long time.

Since coffee can be packaged instantly after roasting, these valves fitted on the bags ensure that the bags do not burst at the sides due to heat and while sealing.

Try out our coffee valve, and experience the difference it brings to your coffee.

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