1. Can I order small quantities of your Pouches or Rolls?

Yes. Because we have pouches or Rolls in stock in our factory, we can fulfill pouches or Rolls
orders from 1000 bags and up. However, so that we can meet your needs most effectively, we
recommend that customers give as much notice as possible for an order.

2. What sort of time frame should I allow for delivery of our orders?

Like any business, in order to meet your requirements of pouches or Rolls, we like to receive as
much notice as possible (7 to 9 days). However we realize that this isn’t always possible, so for
packaging in stock, we ship the goods the same day or next working day (may vary depending
on size of order).

3. Can you tailor pouches & Rolls to suit my needs with multi color printing?

Yes. We can custom make to pouches & Rolls your exact requirements. Please contact Swiss
Pac with your specifications. Minimum quantities apply.

4. How my package is shipped?

We ship the packages by UPS, FedEx, DHL or couriers. Other companies can be used upon

5. Can you help us deciding the best suited film we need to pack our products?

Yes. Our engineers can work with you to develop best suited materials and size of packages.
Please contact us for help deciding the best suited materials to pack your product.

6. What is needed to provide you if I want custom packages?

We need your design in soft copy. Please contact us for our artwork requirements.

7. I don’t need any high graphic design to be printed in my packages; I want to print
only our logo and some text matter. Does it take the same amount of time as high
graphical designed printed packages?

No. Time frame will be shorter for simple graphic. Please contact our sales team ASAP.

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