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The Most Efficient Foil bags from Foil Packaging

When we think of traveling, we think of food. When we think of movies, we think of food; and when we think of friends and partying, we again think of food. These days with telephone at our service, we no longer have to worry on how to get food from especially if we have money. Companies are almost falling over one another to reach out to more customers like us. Consequently, dry and fresh food companies are doing their best in bringing out the optimum quality of food and then packaging them firmly so that this food reaches to the end user, exactly with that same freshness. Foil Packaging had come to the food packaging industry long time now and has become huge in its own right. Today the companies, which do not produce food but other liquid or semi-solid products, have begun using foil pouches. We, at Foil Packaging, are the pioneers in this field of producing stylish aluminum foil bags.


An Introduction to Foil Packaging:

We, at Foil Packaging, stand for commitment and excellence in the arena of producing multi-purpose printed and unprinted foil bags. Since our inception in 1980, we have only escalated and have brought out ways and methods of packaging, very few of our competitors can only think of. Our foil packaging has drawn the interest of customers worldwide. The bags are clinically tested and found to be food safe and do not harm in any way, do not contaminate the food packaged in it even after a long time.


Salient Features of our Foil Bags:

A brief look at our gallery of foil packaging will leave you awestruck. From the sturdiness to the flexibility to the style, our foil pouches have everything that one needs to attract more customers.

Our bags are found most suitable for the products like:

  • Organic food
  • Dry food
  • Chips and snacks
  • Cookies and biscuits
  • Pickles and jams
  • Spices


We, at Foil Packaging, create bags in more colors than the rainbow. We even have clear bags with oval windows, which are perfect for the end users to look in to the contents of the bag without opening it.

The most expedient feature of the foil bags made by us is the installation of zip locks. They lock in the aroma and freshness, unique to that product of yours.


Proceed to purchase it now:

You can customize your bags by letting our designers design or simply print your logos on the surface of the bags. A minimum of 15000 customized foil pouches will reach you by DHL or FedEx. We even take orders for 2000 plain bags, which will reach you in 5 working days.

Stand up pouches Measure

Coffee Bags coffee packaging bags tea packaging loose tea bags
Clear / Clear Matt Gold / Matt Gold Shiny Silver / Shiny Silver Black / Black
Vageatable Packaging coffee bean bags tea packaging bags Stock Coffee Bags
Shiny Silver / Clear Black / Clear Matt Gold / Clear Matt Silver / Clear
Sea Food Packaging Plastic Packaging wholesale tea bags coffee pouches
Shiny Gold / Clear Green / Clear Red / Clear Blue / Clear
Bath Salt Packaging Bird Seed Packaging Stand up pouch Green Tea Packaging
Green / Green Red / Red Blue / Blue Shiny Gold / Shiny Gold
Pet Food Packaging Chocolate Packaging Paper Bags Cat Food Bags
Matt Silver / Matt Silver Shiny White / Shiny White Brown Paper / Brown Paper Photograph Of Bottom Gusset
In Stand Up Pouch
food packaging Salt Packaging Sugar Packaging
Brown Paper / Brown Paper Matt Black / Matt Black Matt white / Matt White
Brown Paper Bags High Barrier Paper Like Bags with Window & Zipper
Kraft brown paper bags with zipper oval window High barrier paper like bags with window & zipper
Jute look bags Jute look kraft
Jute look High Barrier bags with zipper foil lined Jute Look High Barrier Bags
white paper bags
White Paper Bags with zipper and foil lined


Oval Window Pouches
stand up pouches Flexible packaging stand up bags
Blue Green Matt Gold Matt Silver
food packaging Stand up pouch stand up zipper pouches Kraft Paper Bags
Red Black High barrier paper like
bags with window & zipper
Kraft brown paper bags
with zipper oval window

How to Measure Side Gusset

Gusset bag with valve gusseted poly bags cellophane gusset bags side gusset bags
Shiny Black
Shiny Gold
Matt Silver
Matt White
gusseted bags gusseted cello bags gusset bags
Matt Black
Matt Gold
Brown paper bags
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