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Exclusive Variety of Labels at Foil Packaging

Foil Packaging is a company manufacturing high quality personalized labels, shrink sleeve labels, adhesive labels as well as custom printed labels.


Adhesive Labels:

We manufacture high quality adhesive labels on plastic as well as paper. The labels are available in different designs, shapes, sizes and colors. We employ the latest equipment and techniques available to provide high-quality labels to our customers. With the latest equipment and techniques, we can also customize labels to meet the exact requirements and specifications of the clients in terms of finishing, printing requirements, dimensions, colors and shapes.


Shrink Sleeve Labels:

Foil Packaging manufacture high quality shrinkable sleeve labels that are used by the customers to mainly seal the jars and bottles to prevent potential attempts of adulteration by opening the caps of the jars and bottles. This type of shrink sleeve labels manufactured by our company are made of OPS, PVC and even PET depending on the usage requirements of the client. PVC is the most commonly available and cheapest shrink film used for manufacturing shrinkable sleeve labels. We use cast PVC ranging from 30 to 40 micron as per the requirement of the client.

PET-G is used to manufacture environment-friendly shrink sleeve labels so that the labels can be easily recycled along with the PET bottles without having to remove the labels in comparison to PVC labels, which require to be removed before recycling of the bottle. PET-G labels make the bottle highly aesthetic in appearance and can attract customers towards such colorful and fully printed bottle instantly.


Personalized Labels:

This type of labels manufactured by Foil Packaging can be personalized according to the requirements of the clients in terms of dimensions, design, shape and color. Foil Packaging is one of the fastest growing manufacturers and suppliers of printed labels across the world. We provide high-quality labels, which can be personalized to be affixed on different products such as fabrics, containers, bags, pouches, etc. These personalized labels are considerably more intense in color contrast and finish in comparison to the other manufacturers and suppliers of printed labels. We employ latest equipment and techniques to provide high quality and value to our customers along with a pool of experienced and skilled designers.


Custom Printed Labels:

The customization of printed labels at Foil Packaging is done according to the needs of the customers in terms of colors, designs, shapes, dimensions as well as affixing requirements of the clients. These customized printed labels can be affixed on various products such as containers, bottles, bags, pouches and even fabrics.


Thus, you will find a wide variety of labels at Foil Packaging to be affixed on different products. Contact us and we will be at your service.

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