Liquid Packaging

Liquid Packaging

Liquid Packaging
Product Code Internal Diameter(ID) of Spout Filling Method of Spout Product Images
101 10 mm Filling through pouchLiquid Packaging Liquid Packaging
201 8.6 mm Filling through pouchLiquid Packaging Liquid Packaging
301 30 mm Filling through spoutLiquid Packaging Liquid Packaging
401 8.6 mm Filling through pouchLiquid Packaging Liquid Packaging
501 10 mm Filling through pouchLiquid Packaging
601 8.6 mm Filling through pouchLiquid Packaging Liquid Packaging
701 10 mm Filling through pouchLiquid Packaging Liquid Packaging


Liquid Packaging

Welcome to the world of Foil Packaging. We have been in the packaging business since 1980 and have started our journey to provide high-quality packaging bags to our customers. We provide rotogravure printed as well as unprinted liquid packaging bags manufactured with the latest equipment. The liquid bags manufactured by us are completely non-toxic as well as safe for storing any product. We provide liquid pouches in different colors and sizes.

We manufacture the best quality liquid packaging bags in the country and we provide durable, flexible, recyclable, environmentally safe and attractive liquid bags to our customers. We use the best quality raw materials to produce liquid pouches so that the contents stored in the fluid packaging will not be spoiled. The liquid packaging manufactured by us can be used to store sports drinks, liquid soaps, energy drinks, oil, sauces, fruit juices and cosmetics.

Variety and Capacity:

The liquid pouches manufactured by our company come in a variety of colors and can store fruit juices and several other contents safely without spoiling the contents of the pouches. The pouches come in varied colors such as green, shiny silver, clear blue, red, shiny gold, black as well as close of spout. The customers can choose from a wide variety of styles and designs as well as material of the fluid packaging. We also provide creative as well as innovative liquid bags for energy drinks and oils. All the fluid bags provided by us are 100% leak-free and long lasting. Foil Packaging manufactures pouches from the capacities of at least 100 ml to 3.5 L. The pouches have been designed to provide for easy use in day-to-day life. The fluid packaging manufactured by us utilizes less space in comparison to the plastic bottles and hence transporting fluid pouches are extremely easy and reduces the transportation cost.



The fluid bags require less plastic for manufacturing and hence are environment-friendly and extremely convenient to transport in bulk. You can order these fluid bags and packaging online any time that is convenient to you. We have thousands of customers who are extremely satisfied with the pouches manufactured and delivered by our company. We also provide special deals, discounts and gifts on fluid pouches.

We are one of the best fluid bags manufacturers in India and we provide one of the most reasonable and advanced pouches all over the country. We have also built a reputation on timely delivery of the products irrespective of the bulk quantity of the order from our customers. Hence, you can be sure of receiving all your orders on time and within your budget without compromising on the quality of your requirement for fluid bags. The bag capacities mentioned are based on the volume of water.

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