Measuring Scoops

Measuring Scoops – To Help You Measure Accurately

Measuring Scoops
Large Protein powder Plastic Scoop80 ml (50 to 55 gram powder) Small Protein Powder Plastic Scoop30 ml (25 to 30 gram powder)
Dosing SpoonMeasurement ScoopLiquid Measuring CupPowder Measuring CupPlastic Scoop

There are two types of entrepreneurs in the world – Good or Bad. A good entrepreneur is the one who has his own code of ethics and follows those diligently. He finds fine quality of raw materials and manufactures the products, keeping in mind the general welfare of the people who will be consuming his product. A superior industrialist never deters from his laid path and works astutely. The bad entrepreneur is one who is the opposite of all that is said above. To assist a good trader in his mission and endeavor to serve in a fair manner to the customers, we at Foil Packaging have developed our own line of precise measuring scoops and measuring spoons.

An Outlook at the Company:

We, at Foil Packaging, have come into existence since 1980 and since then we have been working in all the aspects of packaging our clients’ products. From pins to fruits, from spices to tea, we have done every kind of packaging. However, when it comes to measurement and our retail and wholesale customers’ dilemma and the existing awful quality of measurement cups, we had to work on a different line too. We decided that for our clients to sell to their end users and to ensure the customer remains satisfied so that he returns, we designed one of the supreme and most accurate measuring scoops.


A Brief Look at our Products:

We, at Foil Packaging, use only the hottest technology. Our measuring scoops are developed using food safe plastic so that you would not have to fret if you are to measure and pour out coffee beans, sugar, or even ice cream.

Our measuring spoons are made specifically for oil and other liquids, protein and milk powder, and even for little quantities of food.

Our measuring cups are designed with calibrations on the side so that exact measurement can be given.


A Glance at the scoops in detail:

The measurement scoop has been designed in different colors so that they can be eye-catching in an industry like that of ice creams. These measuring scoops can be initiated in four bright colors namely blue, green, white and clear or transparent. These colorful scoops are huge gainers around the world.


Types of Scoops made by us:

We have made scoops of different sizes, capacities and shapes to suit the industry, which would necessitate it. The smallest powder scoop comes in 60ml and the largest in 150 ml. Liquid scoops come with the tiniest one of 1ml and the largest one of 25 ml.

Get in touch with our engineers and get your own measurement scoop now in a week’s time, by the very trusted DHL or FedEx only.

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