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Excellent Nuts Packaging for your Good Health

Nuts Packaging

Today, we cannot avoid pollution, especially if we are living in a bustling city and have to travel and work for long hours. This pollution from air, water and noise has already done a lot of harm to our health and pose a serious threat to our health in many ways. Doctors and practitioners have advised the consumption of nuts and dry foods along with a regular consumption of supplements can only repair our physique. Today, there is an export and import of dry foods and fruits in bulk across the boundaries. The marketing of these nuts and fruits has now become a serious concern, as they have to stand ahead in the race too. That is why nuts packaging has become a top priority among the distributors and they come to our company, Foil Packaging for packing up nuts and fruits in a very attractive fashion.


A Few words to know us:

Nuts PackagingWelcome to Foil Packaging, a house that has been in the business of packaging since 1980. 30 years of long experience and expertise has helped us in understanding the nerve of the clients and customers in turn. Our reputation today has made us the world leaders in manufacturing the best nuts packaging.


Our Work at a glance:

Nuts PackagingAs we already said, our bags are made with a deliberate effort to make something product specific. That has invoked us to design and craft cashew nut packaging and almond packaging. These bags are made with the aim to protect the nuts from exposure to oxygen, UV and moisture. These elements are detrimental to the crispiness of the nuts and then they will not be of any benefit to the health of the people. We, at Foil Packaging, have ensured the bags are made with food safe plastic, which are stuck together and made strong. The roasted or unroasted nuts can remain fresh only then.

These nut bags are designed with the marketing aspect in mind and so are made in more than eight different glossy and matt colors.

The nut bags are installed with firm plastic zippers or zip locks so that they can be used regularly and frequently by the end users.

Nuts PackagingYou have the option of getting your bags customized by printing the company insignia on the body of the bag. On getting in touch with our designers, you will have a chance of having your own logo printed or asking them to design one for you. However, you would have to place order for at least 15000 bags and they will reach you in 21 days.

Since our esteem in the market is reckoned with respect and adulation, we do our level best in producing and delivering your consignment and offering superior customer satisfaction.

Stand up pouches Measure

Coffee Bags coffee packaging bags tea packaging loose tea bags
Clear / Clear Matt Gold / Matt Gold Shiny Silver / Shiny Silver Black / Black
Vageatable Packaging coffee bean bags tea packaging bags Stock Coffee Bags
Shiny Silver / Clear Black / Clear Matt Gold / Clear Matt Silver / Clear
Sea Food Packaging Plastic Packaging wholesale tea bags coffee pouches
Shiny Gold / Clear Green / Clear Red / Clear Blue / Clear
Bath Salt Packaging Bird Seed Packaging Stand up pouch Green Tea Packaging
Green / Green Red / Red Blue / Blue Shiny Gold / Shiny Gold
Pet Food Packaging Chocolate Packaging Paper Bags Cat Food Bags
Matt Silver / Matt Silver Shiny White / Shiny White Brown Paper / Brown Paper Photograph Of Bottom Gusset
In Stand Up Pouch
food packaging Salt Packaging Sugar Packaging
Brown Paper / Brown Paper Matt Black / Matt Black Matt white / Matt White
Brown Paper Bags High Barrier Paper Like Bags with Window & Zipper
Kraft brown paper bags with zipper oval window High barrier paper like bags with window & zipper
Jute look bags Jute look kraft
Jute look High Barrier bags with zipper foil lined Jute Look High Barrier Bags
white paper bags
White Paper Bags with zipper and foil lined


Oval Window Pouches
stand up pouches Flexible packaging stand up bags
Blue Green Matt Gold Matt Silver
food packaging Stand up pouch stand up zipper pouches Kraft Paper Bags
Red Black High barrier paper like
bags with window & zipper
Kraft brown paper bags
with zipper oval window

How to Measure Side Gusset

Gusset bag with valve gusseted poly bags cellophane gusset bags side gusset bags
Shiny Black
Shiny Gold
Matt Silver
Matt White
gusseted bags gusseted cello bags gusset bags
Matt Black
Matt Gold
Brown paper bags
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