Plastic Scoops

Plastic Scoop – To Measure the Right Quantity for your Customers

Many retailers and suppliers today are doing business like never before. They are buying and selling products ranging from pulses and cereals to protein powder to milk. A business thrives on few attributes:

  • Superior quality of products
  • Excellent standard of delivery
  • Systematic delivery
  • Outstanding post sales customer relationship

These are very vital and to achieve high sales, businesses need to follow certain principles. Serving the customers fairly for the price they pay stands as a priority. Companies, which are in retail or wholesale today, value the significance of measurements and proper weightage is given to weights.

Shopkeepers come to us for our unique plastic scoop and scoop spoons that reason store.


An Outlook into the Gallery of our products:

Welcome to Foil Packaging, a pioneer in making suitable bags and pouches for packaging stuff like food, meat, nuts and fruits, garden items, household items, tea and coffee, liquids and gels and greases too. Since all of these products, almost all, have to be measured, we felt it was indeed an area of concern, which needed care at the right time. To ensure our clients dispensed right quantities for the money paid by their end users, we designed stylish and matching scoops and scoop spoons.

These plastic spoons are designed in such a way so that they can scoop out the contents smoothly from bags and serve the customers. However, we at Foil Packaging feel that scoops made by us need to be food safe and so have put in our best of machinery and resources in getting the correct quality.

Further, these plastic spoons come in four diverse colors like white, green, blue, and clear or transparent too. Our clients love these clear ones too as they have clear calibrations on the side to help them take out exact measurements.

Ice creams, oil and protein powders are best served by small scoops or round scoops. Let us see the types used and available with us now.

  • Protein powder Plastic scoop: They come with a capacity to hold between 60 ml to 150 ml.
  • Ice cream scoop spoons: They are available from 1 ml range to 25 ml.


A Little more Insight into the scoop world:

Different sizes in which Foil Packaging today produces scoops are enumerated below:

  • Small scoops are for the ice creams and small jars of protein or health drinks
  • Large plastic spoons are ideal for anything in larger quantities.

We offer trial scoop spoons to be delivered to you in as less as 4 working days. We, at Foil Packaging, trust the services of international carriers like DHL or FedEx only to help our scoops reach you in time.

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