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Technology today has scaled heights never thought of. Manufacturers today are cautious about customers’ needs and pay heed to the changing trends. They are developing enhanced and superior quality of products and are doing their unsurpassed in manufacturing and even delivering these products to the end users in time. With equipment, the producers are coming up with excellent packaging too, including few with airtight zippers, spouts and gussets too. Nevertheless, the very useful vacuum packaging has certainly changed the way the world looks at packaging products recently. The consequence of vacuum bags is mounting to such a great stature that the manufacturers, exporters and suppliers are flocking to us at Foil Packaging for vacuum packaging solutions.


A preview of Foil Packaging Company:

We, as a company came into being in the year 1980 and have ever since only gone up and put us on the pinnacle of the packaging industry. Foil Packaging today has reached the position where we can now proudly affirm that we have the most up-to-date technology and the brightest and highly proficient brains to craft out the best in flexible packaging. Vacuum packaging is a technique by which all the oxygen from packaging is taken out and vacuum is created inside the bags.


Products we package:

From crispy cookies and crunchy chips to freshly baked biscuits, approximately everything these days are bought and sold worldwide. These few products specifically would necessitate using unique vacuum releasing technology by which vacuum is created so that they have a long shelf life. Our company, Foil Packaging uses external vacuum and vacuum chambers in which we put in the bags so that these inject out the moisture and if needed, injected in inert gases like Nitrogen too.

Our vacuum bags are ideally used everywhere for packaging even fresh and organic vegetables and fruits. The freshness remains intact, just as you would want it to be delivered to your end users.

Our bags are available in different colors and fitted with slider zippers and zip locks. They come with side gussets apart from the usual flat pouch form. Nuts and dry foods are best sold in these vacuum seal bags.

These days, meat and fish are also being packaged in this manner.

Tear tags and hang holes are fitted on them so that you can handle them easily.

We offer full customization of these vacuum packaging and you can get your company logo embossed on the body of the bags.

Thus, simply visit our company site and consign order for minimum of 2000 unprinted bags, which will be delivered to you in 5 days and 15000 of customized bags in 3 weeks.

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