Zipper Bags

Zipper Bags – To Seal in the Freshness from Foil Packaging


We started using plastic bags for a long time now and it has become a staple in our daily life. We know that plastic bags are flexible and waterproof. These are the reasons, which had raised plastic industry worldwide to the pinnacle of the rankings. These days, many forms of plastic zipper bags are available in the market. They are innovative and found to be very vital in packaging too. Since manufacturers are in a race to outdo each other, they have found these zipper bags highly useful and that is why they come to us at Foil Packaging.

We are happy to greet you to the very useful world of Foil Packaging, a leader in manufacturing premium plastic and flexible bags and even paper bags for packaging almost everything under the sun. Since our inception in 1980, we have been working relentlessly on inventing ways and means to make better bags and pouches for packaging. Since we have been in this industry so long, we have all the experience and knowledge to use technology needed for making improvised quality of bags. Zippered bags are the finest of the lot that we have worked on and are most suited for the products, which will be regularly used by the end-users of tea, nuts, cheese, candies, non-food, and chocolates.


Points we consider:

We all know that the purpose of plastic bags is to contain products and keep them fresh for a long time. You as our client would be able to package almost anything in our plastic zipper bags, as they come with strength and in varying shapes and sizes. Further, they are made food safe so that you can conveniently package food without the worry of chemical reaction with the food when kept in for a long time.

There are two types of zippers used in our bags – the PP and the PE zipper:

  • 8mm plastic PP and PE Zippers
  • 10 mm plastic PP and PE Zippers
  • 13 mm plastic PP and PE Zippers
  • 15 mm plastic PP and PE Zippers
  • 15 mm plastic PP and PE Zippers
  • 17 mm plastic PP and PE Zippers


Today, since there is tough competition and there are products which are sold everywhere, plastic zipper bags are the most feasible solution. Our bags are made in vivid colors. You can customize your bags by consulting our designers too. These customized bags will reach you in 20 days and plain unprinted bags will reach you in 4 days.

Since we live in a highly competitive world, we thoroughly follow timeliness and efficiency in our work and in making our products.

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