Zipper Profile

Zipper Profile – To secure your products safely

Life is always about improving and improvising, they say. If that is the case, then why is packaging still in the Dark Ages? We no longer use nor do we feel comfortable handling brown paper bags to carry anything more than groceries. However, we cannot altogether rule out the significance of basic paper bags, but plastics have come into picture and proved at every step that they are indeed the next best thing to paper. As manufacturers approach us for packaging solutions, we at Foil Packaging also feel that to make our packaging more effective, firm and proper, plastic zipper and slider zippers must be installed in the bags.


A Foreword to Foil Packaging:

Firstly, a warm welcome to Foil Packaging, an organization dedicated to designing product specific pouches and bags for packaging products across diverse industries. We have been established in the year 1980 as a manufacturer of plastic and flexible packaging. After striving since then, we have reached that position where we are on the crown of the packaging industries globally. This has given us an advantage we covet. We are thus in contact with our existing clients who give us suggestions on the improvisations we need to implement and the way our packaging can help them. Let us elucidate this a little more.


Rush through our products:

We, at Foil Packaging, have designed and formulated slider zippers, which are not only smooth but also firm. The main aim with which our bags are made is that they should not let any moisture or UV or any other contaminants infiltrate the bag. As food and other consumables are packaged in our flexible bags, and as the food packaged in our bags have to have long shelf life, a loose or open mouth of the bag would serve no purpose of the bag. That is the reason we as a leading zippers manufacturer are proud to present fantastic zipper profile. Nylon zippers and plastic zippers are unlike the cloth material zippers used for handbags. Nylon and plastic zippers are waterproof and setting them in the bags using machines are also very fast and methodical.

Our slider zippers are fitted normally on whole food, meat, chicken or nuts and cookies. Normal plastic zippers are used for tea, coffee, detergents, protein powder and others.


A peek at the rolls of zipper:

  • 8mm plastic PP and PE Zippers
  • 10mm plastic PP and PE Zippers
  • 13mm plastic PP and PE Zippers
  • 15mm plastic PP and PE Zippers
  • 17mm plastic PP and PE Zippers

After putting in some hard research, we have concluded that our zipper profile has to be smooth and firm. We have a ready stock for emergency requirements.

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